Thursday Snippets, 23 May

On Saturday 25th May there is an informal lunchtime gathering with a BBQ for ASC members and friends from late morning. Also at lunchtime two of our experienced members Jaemie and Anthony and maybe some others are bringing their model sailboats down for a sail around in front of the club, with all welcome to either give it try or watch. Again there is no club sailing this weekend for dinghy classes due to the low water level in the Lake ie no club race or social sailing day. Still looking for decent rains so that we can commence our winter sailing season.

Items for the next ASC Mudpuddler Newsletter are being sought and are needed by 1st June. Send articles (short or long), photos, etc. to This will be the final issue produced by Naomi and Michael before they head off for an extended overseas trip in August. The club needs a member(s) to volunteer to take over. They have setup a slick process which includes easy to use templates, and printing and distribution arrangements. This is a good opportunity to be involved in producing an attractive and well read newsletter. Email Naomi at if you are interested.

For anyone interested in buying a model sail boat of the type used by Jaemie and Anthony there is a Dreamboat Discount on the Joysway DragonForce 65 V6 RTR (Including transmitter and receiver) at

Finally, it is Volunteer Week in Victoria and it is a good time to recognise the various volunteers that offer such good service around the club on an ongoing basis. Our club is a volunteer run club which could not operate without the people involved regularly in on water and shore based activities at the club or at home. If you are a member or a non-member who thinks they may be able to assist in the operation of the club make contact with our Commodore Cindy Tilbrook or a club committee member.

Rod Thomas
for ASC committee

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