Thursday Snippets, 3 September

This week we have ASC Drinks and Chat 4 to 5pm on saturday at Doug’s Virtual Bar and announce a new competition at Albert Sailing Club for the month of September – the ASC Bathtub Boat building competition.    

Join the ASC Drinks and Chat session on

The inaugural Bathtub Boat building competition is for everyone – ASC club members and club contacts who are currently not ASC  club members.  Build a sailboat 0.2 to 0.5 metres in length – any construction and any materials. Simple rules and Entry details at  

The ASC Bathtub Boat building competition provides a practical project to be undertaken at home individually or as part of a family group. It will  unlock creative skills and provide some fun in a period when COVID19 restrictions limit options. If you are short on ideas you could try your favourite internet search engine for examples.

There are ASC merchandise prizes for the winning Bath tub sail boat for ASC individual member, ASC family, and ASC Contacts categories, with judging by ‘popular acclaim’ based on photos of constructed boats.   

The ASC general committee has its monthly meeting as a Zoom meet at 7.30 on Wednesday. Resumption of club activities in the Spring will be a key Agenda item. Hopefully, the Victorian Government’s Roadmap to Recovery announcement this weekend provides some easing of Restrictions and guidelines which will allow some plans for Return to ASC to be advanced. Contact a club committee member if you have any matters you would like put forward at the meeting.

Rod Thomas
for ASC committee

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